Team Montelo in Action

Joey Montelo Racing at Badger Raceway, October 7th 2007

  Bridgestone Championship Series Points Race #15, Badger Raceway, Dousman Wisconsin --

This was Joey's feature race in the Yamaha Jr. SSX Can class. Joey had blown an engine in the previous heat race and did not finish. That DNF placed him starting at 9th in the field. I made a mad scramble to change his kart over to our spare motor (which was borrowed from Michael's kart after he blew his motor on Saturday!). Unfortunately I wasn't able to video his brother Anthony's feature race which was also very exciting. Watch for the passing opportunities starting at lap two! (keep in mind these karts weigh 305 lbs with the driver) Joey finished the race in 4th moving up 5 positions and successfully holding off the local class champion. It was an expensive and tiring weekend for this crew chief, but at the same time very rewarding!

Michael Montelo Autocrossing at Miller Park, September 8th 2007

  Milwaukee Region Event #6, Miller Park, Milwaukee Wisconsin --

This was Michael's fastest run of the day on raw time. Unfortunately he did hit a cone in the first slalom spoiling an otherwise great run.

Joey Montelo Autocrossing at Miller Park, June 17th 2007

  WAI Event #3, Miller Park, Milwaukee Wisconsin --

Joey was playing catchup trying to catch Anthony who had the top time of the day (58.138) in Formula Junior. Dad tried to help by making a gear change. In hindsight it was probably the wrong thing to do, but run 6 at 59.468 would still be Joey's best of the day.

Anthony Montelo Autocrossing at Route 66 Raceway, May 13th 2007

  Chicago Region Event #2, Route 66 Raceway, Joliet Illinois --

A video of America's next hope for an F1 World Championship, Anthony Montelo. This was Anthony's last run of the day. Unfortunately a little too much opposite lock and a couple of cones got in the way of an otherwise 42 second FTDI run! This was our first outing with our new helmet cam and unfortunately we didn't have the sound working yet.
(just imagine the sound of angry bumblebees at 14,000+ RPM...)